Sosyal Sorumluluk

Solution to the Earthquake Problem Industrial Smart Buildings

The success of a company is now measured not only by high commercial performance and strong balance sheets but also by the social impact it creates and the sustainable future vision it presents for future generations.

Earthquake, one of the significant problems in our country, simultaneously threatens the sustainable life of our people.

To address this issue, generating solutions, taking measurable and rational steps are crucial, providing security for both our current lives and the lives of future generations. For 23 years, our company has been constructing buildings with industrial intelligence, addressing the earthquake problem without compromising on sustainability criteria.

Our company, by being able to construct structures with recyclable materials like steel, offers a solution to the earthquake problem.

Simultaneously, it fulfills its responsibility for a sustainable future by minimizing water usage, waste generation, and energy consumption during production.

We will continue to work and generate projects to promote this approach and contribute to a sustainable future, both in our country and worldwide.

Yoksa Rüya mı? - TV Show

In order to promote the recognition of Light Steel Structures, the first TV program in this field, “Yoksa Rüya mı?” (Is It a Dream?), was produced by Acun Ilıcalı and presented by Uğur Dündar. As part of this program, 8 villas with an area of 150 m² each and a school for the hearing-impaired were donated, introducing earthquake-resistant Light Steel structures to the entire country.