Consera Group
Brand and Companies

Consera Group, founded by the Şimşek family in 1971, is a conglomerate of companies. Until 2016, the group companies were engaged in construction contracting, international contracting, industrial structure system manufacturing, and real estate development projects. They developed, produced, and implemented components for their own real estate investments and conducted marketing, sales, and customer relationship management.

The group became the sole contracting structure in Turkey with an advanced industrial facility capable of producing building frameworks. By implementing designs and productions for their developed investment projects, they became the only organization creating living spaces and generating revenue from sales. As of 2015, they transformed their business model to provide services in a new structure with the aim of reaching a housing acquisition system similar to developed countries, transferring the accumulated experience with solution partners to local partners both nationally and internationally.

Akkon Çelik, Turkey’s first and largest, among Europe’s top 3 facilities, has an annual industrial production capacity of 10,000 housing units (24,000 m² area in Çerkezköy OSB with 6,000 m² closed area, producing 55,000 tons of light steel structure per year). Between 2001 and 2016, Akşan Yapı and Akkon Çelik accumulated experience in more than 2 million square meters of projects, production, and implementation both domestically and internationally.

Mooble House, with 11,000 m² closed and 20,000 m² open production area, has an annual production capacity of 4,000 Tiny Houses. The company designs and produces its products with a team consisting of different design and engineering disciplines, following industrial principles.

Mooble House operates under its own O2 Europe Type Approval and all products comply with the 2018/858 Trailer regulation, suitable for towing on all European roads.

Homera, an industrial housing brand, is one of Consera’s leading companies aiming to popularize sustainable building systems, especially in earthquake-prone Turkey. The company provides an alternative to the traditional home ownership method by delivering turnkey houses in 90 days. The Homera structures, produced with an industrial steel structure system in the Akkon Steel Factory with 11,000 m² closed and 20,000 m² open production area, offer more than just housing solutions. The company, contributing to the Turkish economy and exports through its projects, places informing and developing society and the industry among its primary goals. Therefore, they emphasize research and development (R&D) activities.